Si te gustan los animales y las frases hechas, te gustará esta clase exprés sobre idioms; en todos ellos, un animal, un insecto o bicho está presente; ¡un pajarito me ha dicho que te serán muy útiles!
1. A little bird told me – expression to let someone you are not going to tell them who gave you some information
A little bird told me that Mary is pregnant, is it true?
2. Like a bull in a china shop: In a clumsy way
He stamped around the kitchen like a bull in a china shop
3. To rain cats and dogs: To rain very hard
We couldn’t go out. It was raining cats and dogs
4. Busy as a bee: To be very busy
She’s as busy as a bee, always planning parties!
5. A white elephant: Something big and expensive, but useless
That lamp is a real white elephant – it doesn’t work and doesn’t go with the rest of the furniture
6. At a snail space: Very slowly
The traffic was heavy and we drove through London at a snail’s pace
7. Crocodile Tears: Insincere tears or sorrow
He wept a few crocodile tears over his wife’s death and then he got married again at once.
Y recuerda ponerlos en práctica: en tu academia, con tu profesor, con tu compañero de clase, cuando redactes un texto… siempre que tengas oportunidad, ya sabes Practice Makes Perfect!