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Young performers

This workshop looks at those 'usual suspects' of errors that many learners
make in their writing, regardless of their linguistic background. Through
the study of practical examples taken from real texts prepared for
assessment and publication, we follow a checklist to help in detecting and
fixing errors in syntax, punctuation, collocation, elements of style and
calques in writing, amongst others. In addition, we will consider a variety
of tasks and methodologies that can be used in the improvement of written
English, from short writing-exam practice to undergraduate and postgraduate
level assignments.

En el seminario se trabajaron 
“classroom activities” como:



Esta actividad consiste en que los alumnos escriben preguntas para el
profesor y éste las va contestando. Todo se realiza en el aula y a
contrarreloj. Después  los alumnos tienen que escribir una redacción en
grupo con las respuestas que el profesor les ha facilitado y respetando las
características de cada tipo de texto.

LA SEGUNDA PARTE DEL TALLER: Trinity Stars: Ways to Encourage the teaching and learnig of English Language through music, drama and performance-

Contents for the second workshop
This hands-on, practical and interactive workshop follows a similar format to the first one.
- More ice-breakers and warmers.

- More activities to encourage team building.

- Calming down activities.

- More simple role plays / adding a speaking element to your role plays.

- How to use masks for character creation.


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