WEBSITE: ME VOY A IRLANDA  (Page really interesting about Ireland live in Spanish)

1-International School SEK-Dublin                    QTS online Habilitación docente en Inglaterra.
2-El tiempo en Irlanda                                       Website de ofertas docentes
3-Weather forecast
6-Spanish jobs in Ireland                     
7-Ireland's Education System
8-Department of Education and Skill
    8.1-Early Childhood/Pre-school
    8.2-Primary Education
    8.3-Post Primary Education
    8.4-Further Education and Training
    8.5-Higher Education
    8.6-Qualifications Recognition
    8.8-Education Legislation
    8.9- INFORMATION: Education Staff
9-Education in the Republic of Ireland
10-Cualificaciones para trabajar en Irlanda
11-PPS Number - How to Apply
12-FAS - useful links

Belvedere Hall, Windgates
Greystones-Co. Wicklow. 

t: +35 31 287 41 75
f: + 35 31 287 51 38

   Well, I am here, International and Bilingüal School, Sek-Dublin.
   I am P.E. and Orientador and I am learning English Language in immersion. Studying and practising English, into the school, is the best way to do it.
   I encourage everyone to do the same at least once in his or her life because it is a beautiful experience. Below you can see Spanish Sek-Dublin students on a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. After that, we went to have lunch near to Trinity Collage University.

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